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Chess Boards


Our webstore presents an exquisite collection of chess boards that stand as a testament to the elegance and strategic depth of chess. Crafted by skilled artisans, our selection spans a variety of sizes, ranging from the intimate 12-inch boards ideal for casual play, to the grand 24-inch versions that command presence and are suited for tournaments or as a distinguished part of your home décor. This diversity ensures that enthusiasts and players of all levels can find a board that not only meets their practical needs but also resonates with their aesthetic preferences.


A Symphony of Materials

The materials chosen for our chess boards are selected with the utmost care, each bringing its unique character and benefits to the chess-playing experience. From the serene and classic beauty of Maple, with its light hues and smooth texture providing a calm playing surface, to the robust and dark tones of Walnut, offering a rich backdrop against which the drama of a chess game unfolds, our collection embraces diversity in materiality.


Luxurious Leather Boards

Leather chess boards introduce an element of luxurious tactility, their surfaces soft to the touch, yet durable and easy to maintain. These boards add a layer of sophistication to any game, their understated elegance appealing to players who appreciate a modern twist on tradition.


Exquisite Wood Varieties

For those who seek the extraordinary, our boards made from Briarwood, Elm, and Erable offer unparalleled beauty. Briarwood, with its swirling grains and deep, variegated colours, makes each board a unique piece of art. Elm, valued for its durability and distinctive grain patterns, lends a rustic charm to our collection. Meanwhile, Erable, with its fine grain and subtle elegance, provides a light and refined playing surface, its brightness enhancing the visibility of the pieces.


Craftsmanship and Playability

Each material has been chosen not only for its physical beauty and durability but also for the way it enhances the game's tactile experience. The choice of wood or leather affects the sound of the piece's movement, the light reflecting off the surfaces, and the overall ambiance of the game. Whether you prefer the quiet sophistication of Maple, the distinguished elegance of Walnut, or the unique character of Briarwood, Elm, or Erable, our collection offers something to elevate your chess experience.


In addition to material and size, the craftsmanship behind each board ensures a perfect playing surface, with precise square alignment and a balance between friction and smoothness, allowing pieces to glide across the board while still maintaining stability.


A Lifetime of Strategy and Style

At our webstore, we understand that a chess board is more than just a playing surface; it's a statement of style, a companion in strategy, and a lifetime investment. Whether you're a casual player, a serious enthusiast, or looking for the perfect gift for a chess aficionado, our range of chess boards offers the perfect blend of functionality, beauty, and craftsmanship.