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The Heritage of Our Collection

At the heart of our collection lies a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, which is why our exquisite chess products are sourced from manufacturers we've meticulously chosen for their unparalleled quality standards. Our journey to curate the finest pieces involves personal visits to each of our suppliers, fostering a deep and collaborative relationship with the artisans themselves. We pride ourselves on procuring our pieces directly from the workshops where they're crafted, eliminating intermediaries. This direct line of communication allows us to share our precise quality expectations directly with the creators.

Our quest for excellence has led us to import many of our chess sets from esteemed suppliers across Europe and beyond. Each international partner has been carefully vetted through personal visits by the leadership of our company, ensuring they meet our rigorous standards in both craftsmanship and ethical treatment of their workers. We stand firm in our commitment to ethical sourcing, especially when it involves imported goods.

In our relentless pursuit of quality, we have made a conscious decision to avoid wooden chess products from China. This choice reflects our companies dedication to distancing itself from the realm of mass-produced, lower quality goods. Therefore, you will not find any Chinese wooden chess sets within our offerings. Our aim is to provide you with chess products that are not only beautiful and durable but also ethically sourced and crafted with care.