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15 to 16 Inch Chess Boards

15-16 Inch Chess Boards

Our range of 15-16 inch chess boards create a balance between tradition and luxury, marrying the classical design of chess sets with the sophistication of carefully chosen materials. These boards, known for their block colour design, echo the timeless style that chess enthusiasts have admired for generations. Beyond their aesthetic, these boards represent some of the best value offerings in our collection, combining quality craftsmanship with affordability.

Our Selection

Among our offerings, the 15 inch Walnut and Maple board shines as a favourite, embodying our collections ethos of excellence and value. Its appeal lies not just in its material quality but in its adherence to the traditional chess aesthetic, making it a sought-after piece for both new and seasoned players.

Spanish craftsmanship brings an additional layer of prestige to our selection, with boards available in a variety of widths and sizes. These pieces are not just standalone boards; they form part of a larger chess narrative when paired with specific chess pieces. For example, the combination we have paired together in the Executive Walnut Deluxe Chess Set.

Our collection spans beyond Walnut and Maple to include luxurious materials like high-grade siena leather, richly hued Mahogany, and the striking contrasts of Black Dyed Poplar & White Erable. Each material is chosen not only for its inherent beauty but for its ability to enhance the chess-playing experience. The Mahogany & Birch and its refined variant, incorporating Siberian Birch & Ply, offer a harmonious blend of warmth and brightness, making every game an immersive experience.

The dramatic Wenge & Maple boards, with their dark, almost black wenge wood against light maple, make a bold statement. These boards, like all others in our collection, transcend mere playability. They are conceived as pieces of luxury décor, transforming any room into a statement of elegance and intellectual pursuit.


In embracing the 15-16 inch chess boards from our collection, enthusiasts are not merely selecting a game board; they are choosing a piece of history, a work of art, and a testament to the enduring allure of chess. Each board is a celebration of the game's rich legacy, crafted to inspire players, collectors, and aficionados alike to continue the tradition in style.

FAQ: 15-16 Inch Chess Boards

What makes the 15-16 inch chess boards special?

These boards are crafted with a focus on tradition and luxury, using high-quality materials like Walnut, Maple, Mahogany, and Leather. Their size is ideal for comfortable gameplay while also serving as elegant décor pieces.

Are these boards suitable for both beginners and experienced players?

Absolutely. The timeless design and sturdy construction of these boards make them perfect for players of all levels, from those just starting their chess journey to seasoned players seeking a board that meets their skilled gameplay.

Can these chess boards be used in tournaments?

Yes, the 15-16 inch boards are designed to comply with standard tournament sizes, making them suitable for both casual and competitive play.

How should I care for my chess board to ensure its longevity?

Care for your chess board varies by material but generally includes avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, keeping the board dry, and cleaning it with a soft, dry cloth to prevent dust accumulation and scratches.

Are the chess pieces included with the board?

The chess boards are sold separately to allow for personal customization. However, we offer a range of chess sets where we have carefully selected pairs that suit each other well. You can choose to purchase a set, or match with a set of pieces of your choosing.

How do I choose the right board material?

Consider the aesthetic you prefer and the board's intended use. For instance, Mahogany and Walnut offer a classic, warm look, while Black Dyed Poplar & White Erable provide a striking contrast. Leather boards add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any setting.