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17 to 18 Inch Chess Boards

17-18 Inch Chess Boards

The 17-18 inch chess board category is designed for enthusiasts who seek a broader canvas for their strategic battles, blending the traditional with the luxurious in a collection that stands as a testament to craftsmanship and aesthetic. These boards extend beyond the mere functionality of the game, becoming a pivotal part of home décor that reflects a deep appreciation for the art of chess.

In this range, each board is carefully crafted, ensuring a balance between practical playability and decorative appeal. The selection features a variety of material combinations, from the robust elegance of Solid Resin and the tactile luxury of Genuine Leather to the natural warmth of Elm Wood and the striking contrast offered by combinations like Wenge and Maple or Walnut and Maple. Such diversity allows for a personalized choice, ensuring that every chess enthusiast can find a board that resonates with their style and enhances their playing experience.

Beyond Material: A Statement of Style and Function

These chess boards are not just chosen for their material quality but for their ability to complement the aesthetic of any room. Whether it's the rich, inviting tones of Walnut and Maple or the sophisticated elegance of Lacquered Black Anegre, each board serves as a centrepiece, turning an ordinary room into a sophisticated space for intellectual pursuit.

The Montgoy Palisander and Maple boards, with their captivating hues, and the innovative colour palettes of Olive Green Erable and Elm Wood or Dark Grey Erable and Elm Wood, push the boundaries of traditional chess board design. These are complemented by the exclusive textures of Briarwood and Elmwood or the serene beauty of Blue Erable and Elm Wood, offering unique choices for those looking to make a bold statement.

A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Our 17-18 inch boards respect the time-honoured tradition of chess, while embracing modern design principles. The classic block colour design remains a staple, offering clarity and contrast that enhances gameplay. Yet, these boards are more than just play surfaces; they are meticulously designed pieces that reflect the evolution of chess from a game to an art form.

Every board in this category, from the robust Dark Walnut and Elmwood to the sleek Black and Maple, is made to cater to a variety of tastes, ranging from the purist to the avant-garde. They are not merely boards but platforms that showcase the beauty of chess, inviting players to engage in the game's timeless dance.


Choosing a 17-18 inch chess board from our collection is a declaration of love for chess, acknowledging its role not just as a game but as a piece of cultural heritage that deserves to be celebrated. Each board, with its distinct material and design, invites players to immerse themselves in the game, offering a luxurious backdrop that matches the intensity and intellect chess demands. It's an invitation to own a piece that is both a functional tool for the game and a lasting symbol of elegance and sophistication.

FAQ: 17-18 Inch Chess Boards

What distinguishes the 17-18 inch chess boards from other sizes?

The 17-18 inch chess boards offer a larger playing surface ideal for players looking for a more expansive and visually impactful game. These sizes are perfect for both detailed gameplay and serving as a striking piece of décor.

Can these chess boards be used for official tournaments?

Yes, many of our 17-18 inch boards meet the size requirements for tournament play. However, specific tournaments may have their own regulations, so we recommend checking with the event's guidelines.

Are chess pieces included with the board?

The chess pieces are sold separately. This allows you to customize your set according to your preferences. We do offer pre-selected sets in our other categories.

How do I maintain and clean my chess board?

Maintenance depends on the material. Generally, wiping with a soft, dry cloth is recommended for most materials. Avoid using harsh chemicals, and for leather boards, a suitable leather conditioner can be used sparingly.

How are these chess boards shipped to ensure they arrive in perfect condition?

Our chess boards are carefully packaged and shipped with trusted couriers to ensure they arrive at your doorstep in pristine condition. We also offer tracking for peace of mind.

Can I see the chess boards in person before purchasing?

Currently, our selection is available online. We provide detailed descriptions and high-quality images for each board. If you have specific questions, our customer service team is happy to provide additional information. We often hear that our products look better in person!

Are there any care tips specific to boards made from exotic materials?

Yes, boards made from materials like Briarwood or Palisander may require occasional dusting with a soft cloth and should be kept away from direct sunlight to preserve the wood's natural colour and finish.